GEL & SILICONE - gel and silicone halfinsoles

Transparent gel halfinsole

Protects feet from burning pain. They provide relief from pain caused by friction at any point in the shoe.

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Do you want an elegant and stylish walking all in shoes? Have you got pain and tired legs? For comfor tall day walking help you gel and silicone half-insoles.

Not having in the closet at least one pair of shoes tohigh heels would be a sin for a woman perhaps. But the fact that their feet hurt in particular by wearing a start to realize when they reported pain. Troublesome blisters, calluses embitter your lifeevery day? Can be prevented by using a silicone gel halfinsoles Happy step acting as guaranteed prevention.

Happy Step insoles are specially designed for ladies(in high-heel shoes). It also effectively prevent burning. The gel, which is opaque, you can use these in anyhalf insole shoes. They are washable and have slip resistant properties. Remember, however, that the tips of life, while his charm, but there should not overdo it.