HUNTER insoles

Hunter - Trekking Comfort

Anatomically contoured insoles, with a layer of PU foam, for anti-shock effect. Significantly absorbs shocks when foot returns to the ground. Maximum comfort for your feet especially during long hiking or hunting.

without VAT2,83 €

HUNTER forest

Anatomical shape of the insoles keeps feets in the correct position and comfort. The insole has great abrasion ability, therefore its suitable for your favorite activities such as hunting, hiking and other sports.

without VAT2,25 €

Hunter - Camo

Soft insoles, thanks to its good absorption properties. Keeps your legs dry and are suitable for all-day wear especially in the summer.

without VAT2,25 €

Hunter - Flex

Insoles keep right heat of your feet, while you are enjoying your favorite activities such as hiking, hunting and fishing, thanks to aluminum foil insulating material.

without VAT2,00 €

Hunter - Outdoor

Anatomical shape insole for using during spring, or autumn. Suitable for footwear for all hunters, outdoor lovers, but also for casual wear.

without VAT2,16 €

Hunter - Thermo

Anatomical shape insole, for using in cold weather. Hunter Thermo insoles are suitable for footwear for all hunters, outdoor lovers and also for casual wear.

without VAT2,33 €

Composed of 2 layers, affords a special resistibility and protection during your outdoor activities. High comfort, also in cold and wet weather.