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To overcome even the most difficult running or hiking performances


Sport insole AnatomiX

Tvarovaná stielka Anatomix - RUN & HIKING je navrhnutá tak aby sa stala neodmysliteľnou výbavou aktívnych športovcov. 

Športová stielka AnatomiX


Sport insole X-TREME

Stielka X-TREME určená pre aktívnych ľudí ktorý majú radi OUTDOOR aktivity  hlavne turistiku, beh ale aj na voľný čas.

Športová stielka X-TREME

The right way to comfort for your feet

Over 22 years we produce high quality shoe insoles 
and footwear accessories. Made in Slovakia.

Quality is our synonym

The Moneta brand, a synonym of high-quality foot care products, offers shoe products that demonstrate high levels of competitiveness with their qualitative parameters. We have been providing comfort and comfort since 1992 and for that time we have built up the name of a solid and stable partner. Many Slovak and foreign companies have become our customers.

Made by hands in Slovakia

Moneta's main business is to manufacture many kinds of shoe liners, such as molded insoles, special insoles for sports, hiking, walking or safety shoes, orthopedic insoles,
leading to healthy leg development 
already in childhood.

Moneta system

We constantly innovate not only the production process but also our products. 
That's why we've prepared for you following tags for simpler and faster optical navigation.
See insoles according to individual footprotection systems.

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