Orthopedic insole Medical Black

Right choice for healthy walk. Reflex orthopedic insole made of soft sheep leather.

orthopedic insole Medical Black

Our feet serve us throughout the day and so they deserve our attention and care. Your feet can enjoy reflex massage for every day and at each step with the ortopedhic insoles. Thanks to its special shape, this insole gently massages reflex zones on the foot and so it activates nerve endings and connection with separate organs of your body.

There are 62 acupunture points and 7 200 nerve endings on the foot that pass to spinal marrow and to all organs of your body. Stimulation of these points heals the body. The upper part made form genuine leather is fixed to  carbosan pressing that supports correct arch of the foot. The insole ensures sense of dryness, comfort  and prevents production of bad smell.

1 - Authentic leather
2 - Carbosane pressing with reflex points
3 - Latex foam with active carbon

Orthopedic insoleMedical Black

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