Special shoe care

Thanks to a proper care, your shoes will still look like the new ones. If  you pay them enough attention, 
you can achieve a longer life for your boots and shoes and also prevent the possible bursting.

Produckts for shoe care

Shoes must be treated properly, depending on the materials of which they are made. The most commonly treated materials are the following ones: smooth leather, nubuck leather, lacquered leather, suede, textiles, artifficial leather and other materials that require special care for the shoes.

Shoe cleaning and impregnation

It is said that "Shoes make a human" - and especially shoes which are clean and maintained, it is important to dedicate  at least a few minutes a day to them. Thanks to our wide Moneta product range for shoe care, you can  find exactly what you need. We hope that our site helps you to select the right care for your shoes.

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